Symposium #3 “What is synesthesia?” MAIN IMAGE

Symposium #3 “What is synesthesia?”


Duration: an hour

Thursday, 15 October 2020 | 21:30 > 22:15 | Sala Ellittica

There is ambiguity in talking univocally about synaesthesia.

According to some experts it is possible to define it through the scientific domain as an unusual neurological phenomenon.

For some others, synaesthesia could be identified as an ensemble of multisensory experiments whose greatest forms of realization are Visual Music and Audiovisual Art. It is a simultaneous perception of multiple stimuli, which distances itself from the neuroscientific field.

Thus, the word symposium fits perfectly with this concept since it arises from the desire to let images speak for themselves rather than involving directly the audience through verbal communication.

For example, someone with synaesthesia may hear colour or see sound.