2020 Rome

This 2020 cuts the milestone of its VII edition of Live Cinema Festival: from 9 to 16 October eight days within machines, arts and technology come together to spread new messages, new imaginaries and new perspectives, through unpublished performances, national previews, screenings, workshop and symposiums. An international event that brings to the capital the most innovative live performance of audio-visual performances, where sounds, images, space and the same public constitute in an indivisible unity

“See the sound, listen to the images”‌ is the claim that emphasizes the synesthetic of audiovisual performance in each edition. Live cinema is an experimental narrative technique applied to experimental video that provides life for the simultaneous creation of sounds and images in real time, which the traditional parameters of film narration, represented by the subjectivity of the camera, are extended to a border concept. In a historical epoch when technology has permeated every aspect of life, Live Cinema Festival seeks to break down the line between means and content, manipulating images in order  to create final content resulting from the artist’s improvisation and skills.

The 2020 Live Cinema festival, under the artistic direction of Claudio Guerrieri is expected to be full of exclusive surprises: most of the invited artists to present themselves with premieres of their performances, live a/v totally unpublished or national preview. This year for the first time, the historic building of the Roman Aquarium, Casa Dell’architettura, where the Order of Roman Architects is located will set the stage for the events.

Each day, Sala Ellittica of the  Roman Aquariums hosts two live film performances at an international level, thanks to the special setting, where the majestic 20×5 meter projection will follow the elliptical curvature of the room. It will be opened on Friday, October 9, with reference name in the International Digital Art Panorama: Marco Monfardini is regarded as one of the most important Italian media artists over the past 30 years, is the artist’s collaborators from artists such as Tuxedomoon, Lydia Lynch, Daedalus, Murcof and Amelie Duchow, have launched project Schnitt with him, as well as supporters of Sync platform, which will display a Live Cinema Festival live-specific performance called ‘Detect‘ when will be explored the the theme of inaudible sound through the electromagnetic fields of indoor devices (Bluetooth, GSM, Wi-Fi). Together with him in the same night the performance “Zo” by Tarik Barri one of the most important Dutch visual music artist was once a Radiohead, Atoms for Peace, Nicolas Jaar, Monolake, who present his new work in italian preview together with the  Latvian artist Lea Fabrikant, an immersive journey in which familiar and huper-abstract coexist side by side. Saturday 10th is the turn of the project that sees togher one of the most talented Aid Kid, and his visual artist Pavel Karafiàt per il live a/v, “Landscape”; e di “Tonstich”,a performance in six movements by the German artist Amelie Duchow based on the creation of sound suit, following the rigorous program of an industrial production unit.

The following Thursday the 15th, the main characters will be parisian artists Dylan Cote & Pierre Lafanechère, who perform “Earthsatz”,performances which the “pocket world” of the Google earth is at the center of the survey; Hungarian artists Balázs Zságer & Kati Katona’s Mirror of mind”,an interactive experience that creates a  bridge between  the possibilities of traditional fine art and digital images in which the melodies of environmental sounds and images inspired by natural structure are  constantly influenced.

On the closing day – Friday the 16 – Live Cinema Festival is honoured to host two authentic reference titles in the International Digital Art Panorama: Maotik also know as Mathieu Le Sourd, whose research always moves between art, science and technology, and skilled in building his own audio-visual tools by using algorithms to generate images and create 3D worlds that helped alter spatial perception; his work, from Mutek to Sonar, has been presented to festivals and galleries around the world through institutions as diverse as B39 in Seoul, the British Film Academy and the Berlin factory. At the live film festival, he will show ‘Aeryon’ an artistic interpretation of the visual effects of a surveillance drone that  captures images in real time. Together with him on the same night another national preview with “Orbitoclast”, live show presented by Patrik Lechner, the Austrian artists who for more than twenty years has been developing abstract sound works that have traveled around the world.

The schedule will feature many other contents: every night performance will be preceded by the Symposium, whose topic is “What is synesthesia?”, a meeting in which authors, editors and world-class artists will debate on the topic of synesthesia and the relation between sound and images; the audio-visual installation “Machine for Living”  by canadian artist Sabrina Rattè  will be displayed before every night performance; it is a series of videos on the architecture of the new cities and the Brutalist style buildings in the suburbs of Paris. “La Sala Ellittica”, from Sunday 11 to Wednesday 14 October, hosts Live Cinema Made in Italy a special section dedicated to Italian artists.

Moreover, two workshops made by “Algo:Ritmi” will enrich Live Cinema Festival’s learning experience: “Esplora e naviga il metaverso di UXR:Zone: l’esperienza di Algo:Ritmi tra musica elettronica, arte contemporanea e clubbing”, a workshop about UXR.Zone, the first live and electronic music virtual reality encoding, edited by Karin Gavassa, Enea Le Fons and Edoardo Salviato; “Modellazione 3D con Blender”, by Marco Modena, that will help you to learn how to craft 3D models for the virtual space.

From this year a special attention will be given to the possibility to live the event in virtual mode. This thanks to the partnership with the “Algo:Ritmi” project and “The Dome”, the first cultural center made for Virtual Reality.

From the 16th of August to the 16th of October there will be the “About Live Cinema 2020” Screenings preview event in the “Casa dell’Architettura/Acquario Romano” and in the other locations chosen for the occasion: “Auditorium Parco della Musica”, “Ex Cartiera Salaria-CityLab 971”, “Fusolab 2.0”. The Screenings Section can be seen during general opening hours in the various locations of the event; it will also continue in “Casa dell’Architettura/Acquario Romano” with some interviews to current or former guests of the festival.

We are also pleased to cooperate with SPAM, International Architecture Festival, promoted by the Order of Architects of Rome. This partnership was crucial to create an event designed for the institutional and hybrid spaces of the Acquario Romano. The event aims to fortify the seductive and intriguing spirit of the chosen location.

Live Cinema Festival is made and organised by Flyer SRL (http://flyer.it/), Linux Club (http://linux-club.org/) and FLxER.net (https://flxer.net/) with the help of our international partners. The project was the winner of the open competition “Estate Romana 2020 – 2021 – 2022” and it’s part of “Romarama” the cultural program sponsored by Roma Capitale and the support of Regione Lazio.

Live Cinema Festival is also part of the PAC (Performing Arts Contemporanee) network, made up by different Roman cultural organisations, involved in the creation of “Estate Romana” and many other national and international events. Our goal is to share our proposal to introduce a synergistic and virtuous mechanism. We mainly aim to start a shared and coordinated promotion device in order to plan the activities so that the entire community can benefit from these events.

Special thanks for the support to “Forum Austriaco di Cultura”,  “Centro Ceco di Roma”, “Délégation du Québec à Rome”, “Institut Français” and “Accademia D’Ungheria”