2022 Rome

“See the Sound, Listen to the Images” is the claim that emphasizes the synaesthetic approach of the audio-video performances of Live Cinema Festival now in its 9th edition.

“The project, promoted by Roma Culture, is the winner of the public notice Estate Romana 2020-2021-2022 curated by the Department of Cultural Activities and is realized in collaboration with SIAE.”

Now in its ninth year, with programming dense with relevant content and a great attention to multiple audiences, Live Cinema Festival born in Rome in 2014 is a unique event of its kind worldwide. In fact, there are no other festivals that promote this particular visual language in such a comprehensive and exhaustive way. Characteristics that have the potential to make LCF an important attraction for cultural and international tourism in Rome. 

Four days dedicated to the cutting edge of AudioVisual performances, where machines, art and technology come together to spread new messages, new imagery and new perspectives. All performances unreleased or presented for the first time in Italy and realized live for an immersive, synaesthetic and unique experience.

Having established itself internationally, Live Cinema Festival has become a highly anticipated and prominent event in the Capital’s artistic-cultural events scene thanks to its highly innovative format and characterized by highly interesting content.

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Artists from all over the world will be the ambassadors of new languages for a festival that reflects the spirit of our times: Myriam Bleau from Canada-Quebec, Biosphere from Norway, KONX – OM – PAX from the United Kingdom, Nuno Mika from Portugal, MONOCOLOR from Austria, INITI from the Czech Republic, the Hungarian collective Lighthouse, and the London-based Italians Paraadiso, CAPIBARA and the Made in Marche duo MacchineNostre.

Rome returns as the world capital of digital art and new media, hosting the most innovative live performances of audio-visual shows.


Live Cinema Festival 2022 reserves a dedicated space for emerging audiovisual projects by hosting a special section aimed at Italian artists, Live Cinema Made in Italy

MACK feat. Lototek, NaH60, Di Ciaccio + Serapiglia and Rosario Grieco are the four winners of the selections who will perform each day in Room 9 of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni as an opening to international live acts.




Live cinema performances, talks, screenings, AV installations, workshops and symposia, for a festival that reflects the spirit of our times.

Each evening performance will be preceded by the Symposium this year with the theme: Music and Image: what does sound look like?, a meeting in which authors, curators and artists of international caliber are invited to discuss the synaesthetic relationship between sound and image in real-time audiovisual performance.

As guest lecture at the opening on Sept. 22 will be Elena Giulia Abbiatici, art historian, author and curator of contemporary art, with her research “The Eternal Body. Human senses as a laboratory of power, between ecological crisis and transhumanism.”




Live Cinema Festival 2022 returns to the splendid setting of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni under the artistic direction of Claudio Guerrieri for its 9th edition. September 22 to 25 in one of Rome’s most important art venues.