Dylan Cote

Dylan Cote

France Paris

France, Paris
Based in Paris, born in 1993, he has a background in graphic design (DSAA - ENSAAMA). His work is mainly centered around the moving image, audiovisual performance and installation.

He mainly collaborates with the musical world, by making video clips, scenographies and live visuals. He is also pursuing more independent plastic and graphic research. They endeavor to experiment, sometimes to divert, various supports and techniques in order to generate forms taking advantage of the aesthetic possibilities of digital technologies, while questioning their use.

At the same time tools, mediums and subjects, they help him to build imaginary and contemplative spaces. From this emerge fragments of fictions showing certain current issues linked to technological and societal changes characteristic of our time.

He is also one of the founding members of the visual art label OYÉ, created in 2015. It brings together various artists and designers around projects relating to video scenography, audiovisual performance, installation, etc.

OYÉ is here and there.