Matteo Tomasetti

Matteo Tomasetti

Italy Marche

Italy, Marche
[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] Multimedia composer and researcher specialized in immersive 3D audio environments and Virtual Reality.
I'm interested in joining my studies in electronic music, multimedia art and technology in different artistic fields for create new and innovative works.
In the last few years I have specialized in audiovisual composition, virtual reality and 3D audio.

I'm currently living in Rome and in October 2021 I will graduate from the Master degree in "Digital Audiovisual Composition" at the "L. Refice" Conservatory of Frosinone.
I'm currently doing an exchange program with the IEM (Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik) of Graz (AT), situated inside the University of Music and Performing Arts. My projects revolve around live performance, audiovisual composition, machine learning, virtual reality, human computer interaction, freelance sound design, mixing/mastering engineering, sound art and electronic music production.

Some of my audiovisual performances and 3D-Ambisonics works have been performed in various spaces, festivals and conferences in Italy (Biennale di Venezia 2020), Spain, Germany, Japan, U.S.A, Cile, Indonesia and Korea.
In 2021 I won the 15th National Prize of the Arts in the "Electronic Music and New Technologies" section organized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

As Sound Engineer I work in some different musical fields, from pre-production to recording and mixing. As Mastering Engineer I work mainly in the digital field and in electronic productions for vinyl, CD and all digital platforms.




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