AV Performance

Duration: 40 min.

Friday, 09 October 2020 | 22:30 > 23:15 | Sala Ellittica

Detect is a project which examines the subject of inaudible sound, sound generated by electromagnetic emissions, deriving from electronic devices and being inaudible to the human ear.

This site specific performance begins with the monitoring ,sampling and recording of sound, generated by electromagnetisms (wifi, bluetooth, gsm) present in the venue.

The sampling and recording will be done by Marco Monfardini a few days before the performance, by an "electrosmog detector " and a high frequency recorder;devices which render sound between 500 Mhz and 3Ghz audible, generated by the electromagnetic stream present
in the venue´s building.

The former recorded sounds are selected by the artist, assembled and processed and simultaneously interfaced with a video software.

During the live performance Marco Monfardini will manipulate in realtime the previously prepared audio/video material, revealing to the audience – the inaudible – present in the location in form of an audio composition.

Several electrosmog detectors placed in the venue, are intergrated in his composition and permit in this way a realtime monitoring of the electromagnetic stream, coming from the personals audience devices and from the electronic/technical equipment