Agostino Maria Ticino

Agostino Maria Ticino

Italy Rome, Foligno

Italy, RomeItaly, Foligno
Started playing classical guitar at the age of 10 which landed him a second place in Concorso Nazionale in Sperimentazione Musicale di Varenna (CO). Arranger and producer for documentaries and TV (Sky, Rai History) and different labels which include Irma Records (historically praised acid jazz label from Bologna) and has worked on experimental music with Monolith Records from Berlin.

Now collaborates with Visual Mind Records from Budapest (founder of Festina Lente which is a sub-label of the historic Get Physical from Berlin) on 4 EP’s and different singles.

With the work of D’Arcangelo and Robert Lippok.
He has played on many European festivals such as; Ozora, Amore, Modem, Sonica, Wao, Human Evolution, Acusmatiq Festival and many more.

Also a founder to the Italian Synth Museum.


  • Thursday, 22 September 2022