United Kingdom Hastings

United Kingdom, Hastings
Audiovisual artists, Michael Denton & Anna McCrickard create AV performances, Music, VJ Sets, Transitional paintings and Installations, performed and exhibited from Glastonbury to the V&A. Their melodic minimalist music is designed to augment imagery.

Inspired by landscape in all its forms, the working process involves adding and removing layers, degrees of opportunism and systematized chance, creating generative combinations ranging from slow transitional paintings, to fast flowing AV sets.

Limited editions of Overlap’s ongoing multi loop projects, centring upon infinite variants of transitional landscapes and melodic minimalist music are available on SeditionArt and the crypto art market with SuperRare. Shown in different forms, as audiovisual performance, installation and linear screening, recent exhibits include: Verge – London; Splice Festival – London; B-Seite Festival – Mannheim; Videoformes – Clermont Ferrand; ROM, MÜSZI – Budapest; ISEA – Hong Kong; Digital Graffiti – Alys Beach and Digital Decade 5 – London


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    Sunday, 26 September 2021 | 23:00 > 23:45