Franz Rosati

Franz Rosati

Italy Rome

Italy, Rome
Franz Rosati is a musician, digital artist and lecturer.
He uses digital technologies and custom developed software as the basis for his artistic production which spans from concerts, audiovisual live sets, installations, software art and printed artworks.

His major production includes digital artworks such as Latentscape, Hyletics, Map of Null, Machine & Structure, exhibited in international events, festivals, galleries and platforms such as NIIO, Framed*, ARTPOINT, Dong Gallery, in form of contemplative digital art for large screens as well as ledwall or video projections.

The same projects often also take the form of audiovisual concerts, presented in musical and digital arts festivals such as Romaeuropa, Les Bains Numerique, 90dB, ADAF, or in notirious clubs oriented towards experimental music, electronics, techno such as OHM in Berlin, where the cinematic and narrative aspect blends with the extemporary one, bringing in each replication new and unpredictable elements, thanks to the use of procedural and interactive generation techniques for sound and images.

Expert in the use of programming languages and environments such as C’74 Max and Derivative TouchDesigner, he develops his music and his works mainly with software developed personally, where technological experimentation, becomes an element capable of add and enhance the artworks with an organic layer.

He combines his activity with the composition of music and sound design for theater and Visual artworks and teaching interactive systems and sound design at the IED European Institute of Design, Music Conservatories and Universities in Italy and abroad and lecturing workshops for art and technology festivals and institutions.


  • Thursday, 23 September 2021