Culture Action Europe

Culture Action Europe

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We believe that culture must be put at the heart of the public debate and decision-making.
Because it is an essential component for societies that want
to forge a better life for the current and future generations.

We believe that Europe can be the cradle of a new sustainable and democratic society.
Because in Europe we have all the needed cultural assets. And because the EU is the first attempt in history to build a common sovereignty as an act of peace and respect for the cultural diversity.

We strive to be where decisions are taken in the EU, member states, local and regional governments, and international institutions.

Because culture is a driving force for the democratic development of our societies and for their citizens’ wellbeing. Because we want to make our voices heard whenever decisions that shape our lives are taken.

We work to provide a place for the exchange of ideas, possibilities and debates that can improve societies and our daily life.
Because we believe that many of us can act as multipliers for our collective and individual good.

We are shifting from being a sector-oriented organisation to being an issue-driven one.
Because cultural rights are fundamental human rights
and as such should be understood, defended, advanced by any citizen.

We want to combine our strengths.
Because we are a group of committed citizens and practitioner, private and public organisations that join their forces to create the world we want to belong to.