AV Performance

Duration: 20 min.

lunedì, 12 ottobre 2020 | 22:30 > 23:15 | Sala Ellittica

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] ‘dYXcourZe’ or discourse is a living, participatory performance between machines. During quarantine, a sense of solitude has pushed us to be more connected than ever before. Using all kinds of platforms, online meetings and social networks, everyday online we are overwhelmed by advertisements, information, fake news and images that reiterate everywhere. Sometimes we love the internet, sometimes we try to not be consumed by it.
This is a digital capitalism and it functions with the dictatorship of the appearance; full of inputs on every screens. We don’t know how to discern what we see.
What if humans change the way we look at the machines?
What if they are not just objects that obey our orders?
What if content on internet disappeared? What would computers do?
What if machines could express themselves?
What if computers could communicate with other computers in their own way? What if machines have subjectivities and inner thoughts?
I investigated computers with a humanist perspective--looking at them as peacefull objects or living creatures that can live independently.
Through this point of view, I question how machines can express themselves and how they might have their own person- alities.
I try to discover in what way machines can show off their ‘persona’ and I found a relation between the basics of physics, colors and sounds.
Manipulating the use of the internet and the latency through two simple inputs: the three basic colors red-green-blue and the three basic notes, I criticize the reiteration of contents across the internet and show how computers can create a dif- ferent type of communication that is based on synesthesia.
We don’t need to interpret or choose what is fake or not, that is it: a pure synesthetic discourse between machines.