Program: Atemporal 2.0

Atemporal 2.0 MAIN IMAGE

Atemporal 2.0

AV Performance

Duration: 50 min.

giovedì, 20 settembre 2018 | 23:00 > 23:45 | Sala 9

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] “Atemporal” is an experimental live AV set by UK live cinema pioneers The Light Surgeons which has been specially developed for a dual screen set up at the Live Cinema Festival 2018.

It will be performed by audiovisual artists Tim Cowie and Christopher Thomas Allen who will weave together both new, old and previously unseen work into a poetic, contemplative live audiovisual essay that explores the themes of memory, time and space.

This performance draws on a collection of visual material originally created for the band "Cinematic Orchestra" for a one-off show at the Sydney Opera House in Australia and new audiovisual material developed through a residency at Oddstream in the Netherlands. These visual elements are fused together with a new electronic musical score and narrative excerpts from some of the broadcasting of novelist, painter and poet John Berger who sadly passed away in January 2017.


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