August 1 - September 24, 2017 | MACRO via Nizza Rome
August 1 - September 24, 2017 | MACRO via Nizza Rome
agosto, 1º 2017, 7:00 pm | settembre, 24º 2017, 11:30 pm
August 1 - September 24, 2017
MACRO via Nizza, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

Video Installation | Screenings: Electronic Art Cafe

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Screenings: Electronic Art Cafe

Video Installation

10:30 Tuesday 1 August > 19:30 Sunday 24 September

1) Catalogo 2017 Electronic Art cafè – Achille Bonito oliva e Umberto Scrocca
2) Biennale Venezia 2017 – Francesca Manca di Villa Hermosa

1) Joseph Beuys & Narm June Paik // Japan Konzert // 1986

1) Cheryl Donegan // Milk
2) Cheryl Donegan // Craft

1) Robert Longo // Imperial City
2) Andres Serrano // Autopsy
3) Klaus vom Bruch // Azimut
4) Yvette Torell // Y Na Na woman of a Thousand Places
5) Hunter Reynolds // Patina du Prey’s wearing Memorial Dress
6) E.X.I.L. // Vacance a Palermo
7) Natalia Pshenichhnikova // Cage
8) Narm June Paik & Paul Garrin // Mjorca Fantasia
9) Sanja Ivekovic & Dalibor Martinis // The Bridge, The Bachelors even
10) Dave Channon // Caution: Artists at Work
11) Manos Tsangaris/Schnelle Folge // Fast Sequences
12) Jenny Holzer // Jenny Holzer Compilation
13) Chris Costan // Untitled
14) Holly Miller // Untitled
15) Laibach // Life is Life
16) Rotraut Pape & Frigo // Boots
17) Lothar Hempel // A very sad Story
18) Ronny Cutrone // Untitled

Curated by Freddy Paul Grunert and Umberto Scrocca, Edited by Egon Bunne and Freddy Paul Grunert, interacting with Videomusic, Superchannel, in Coproduction with Zentrum Für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe and Stadeischule, Institut Für Neue Medien, Frankfurt, Realized By Freddy Paul Grunert cocurated by Dieter Daniels and Lisa Gaye installation by Norbert Meissner and Art Affair.

An installation of 70 monitors on a nomadic wagon under a tent in front of the Italian pavillon at the Biennale di Venezia in 1993.

With characteristic features of a provisional situation, videos are presented by international artists – the nomads of our times. A weaving of immanent relationships, a Non-War, for a new artistic alignment, confronting totalitarian institutions and powers, manifestations of misunderstood securities. The search for a place, where distinctions are no longer possible, a place of laughter, of desire, of subversion, of tumult, of change and production.

An ambulant place , xenography of nomadic people, inscribed (grapheir writing) by the pairing of notions: xenos (guest), nomos (stranger), nemein (relate), nemesis (revenge). Revenge in the sense of return to the place of justice, thus a philosophy of one’s own restless-ness, sensitivity and intensity